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    Post  Admin on Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:42 am

    - Postings must be placed in the appropriate forum channel and contain a descriptive subject line. Postings placed in inappropriate forum channels will be considered off-topic and either moved or deleted. Non-descriptive titles and descriptions will be renamed.

    - Be nice, polite, and kinda and respect each other.

    - No fighting. Debating is okay.

    - English please. if you do speak another language I'm sorry and have no way in translating it to understand you.

    - DO NOT abuse swear words. I don't mind a few but don't go crazy. We're all adults here. Mature ones I hope.

    - DO NOT type in all CAPS for no reason. I respond to yelling by deleting.

    - You get out of line I ban you. You have 2 chances. Period. I'm a really nice person though.

    -Inflammatory remarks, intended to hurt or offend a member and/or moderator, are not tolerated.

    -Spamming, public or private, will result in a user ban.

    -Pornography, warez and illegal content may not be linked from this forum.

    -Signatures must be limited to two lines. Failing to comply with these guidelines will result in the removal of the signature.

    -Thread bumping is not permitted.

    -Abusive behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in the ban of the involved accounts. If you have experienced abusive behavior from a community member, please inform a Forum Moderator .

    -Thank you for visiting Boy with a secret Forums. We hope you enjoy your stay.

    -DO NOT talk about Politics, Religion.

    -Treat others how you wanna be treated

    -Give constructive Criticism. Don't say things like "This S*** is whack"

    -If you have any questions or suggestions relating to these rules, please contact the forum moderator team or the project team members.

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